Room with a View on St. Mark’s Basin

Not all the rooms of the Hotel Paganelli are on the waterfront, although that’s the case for several of them. If you are about to make a reservation and want to make sure your room will have that special view, choose one of the following room categories:

  • Deluxe Lagoon View double room
  • Charming Basin View double room
  • Unique Basin View Balcony double room
  • Charming Basin View family room

The décor of each of the above accommodations is different but they have the same view, whether you call it Lagoon View or Basin View, they all refer to “St. Mark’s Basin with the island San Giorgio Maggiore and its Palladian church and bell tower (campanile)”.

There’s also one more room category worth mentioning on the subject that has a window facing San Zaccaria square but also a private wooden terrace on top of it, obviously only accessible from the room, through a spiral staircase. The exact term to describe this terrace is “altana” and you can see many of them on the roofs of venetian houses or palaces. There are chairs and a table on top and most importantly the views form there stretch to almost 360 degrees including glimpses of the lagoon (St. Mark’s Basin). The name of this room category is:

  • Charming Double room Street View Altana

Last but not least, please note that to be sure to find all these room categories it’s necessary to check availabilities and eventually book on our website directly